Hands Off My Cuntry

Undercurrent Projects, NYC, Jan 11-22, 2017

Dear Trump,

We are a group of artists concerned you and your administration will be dismantling some important laws when you take office on the 20th, especially a 43 year old one called Roe vs Wade. As you know, this law protects the welfare of women. It ensures the safety of women when they need help the most. Being a father of women we hope you understand the importance of keeping this law on the books when you take office and in the next 4 years. The last thing American women need is to fall behind in healthcare with no place to go for help. Defunding Planned Parenthood is not the answer. The last thing American women need is to go back in time to the back alley abortion and possibly die from not having proper care. The last thing we need is America to take a big step back. Going forward is the only way. In all honesty, we sympathize with your need for “pussy grabbin’ and we are sure you would enjoy this show since it involves a lot of pussy and grabbin’. In fact we welcome you to stop by and see the show for a much deeper appreciation on this matter. However, in the end it is a plea from us to you to keep your hands off our cuntry.

Thank you,
Mike Cockrill, Lapis Danado, Annique Delphine, Courtney Frances Fallon, Adam Handler, Jones the Savage, Morgan Jesse Lappin, Joanne Leah, Nikki Peck, John Phelan, Alexandra Rubinstein, Savannah Spirit, Undercurrent Projects and all people who believe in women's rights.

Thank You, Obama, by Alexandra Rubinstein, oil on panel, 2016


Annique Delphine is a former model/actress/self-loathing mess who found sanity in thinking up deranged pictures/films and installations to destroy patriarchy - one female nipple at a time!  

Her work has been shown in exhibitions in Los Angeles, Detroit, London, Berlin and Amsterdam. Her films ABUNDANCE and PLETHORA have been selected for numerous film festivals including the Toronto Arthouse Film Festival and the Manhattan Film Festival.  You can usually find her by following a trail of flowers and boobs. 

"ABUNDANCE is about female sexuality and it’s subordination in a world ruled by patriarchy.

It was born out of her my feeling of powerlessness stemming from the judgement and the expectations that are being put on me just because I’m a woman. 

I am supposed to be sensual and beautiful, young, fresh, soft, smooth, preferably untouched…my value being defined by how pleasing to all the senses I am and how scarcely I have been letting others enjoy this.  

My own needs and desires ignored.  

I feel like this is very similar to how we treat flowers. I see a lot of parallels on how they are objectified, displayed for our pleasure and given a limited limited purpose.  

This is suffocating! To objectify us is to dehumanize us.

The way the white substance moves and engulfs everything is exciting at first glance. It may awaken a desire inside of you, a craving, lust, wonder…but it is it’s plentifulness that is turning it into a force of destruction. The same way male dominance imposes it’s power over everything.  These films and photographs reflect the current state of sexist oppression. What are we going to do to dismantle it?"

-Annique Delphine

Instagram | @anniquedelphine


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