Hands Off My Cuntry

Undercurrent Projects, NYC, Jan 11-22, 2017

Dear Trump,

We are a group of artists concerned you and your administration will be dismantling some important laws when you take office on the 20th, especially a 43 year old one called Roe vs Wade. As you know, this law protects the welfare of women. It ensures the safety of women when they need help the most. Being a father of women we hope you understand the importance of keeping this law on the books when you take office and in the next 4 years. The last thing American women need is to fall behind in healthcare with no place to go for help. Defunding Planned Parenthood is not the answer. The last thing American women need is to go back in time to the back alley abortion and possibly die from not having proper care. The last thing we need is America to take a big step back. Going forward is the only way. In all honesty, we sympathize with your need for “pussy grabbin’ and we are sure you would enjoy this show since it involves a lot of pussy and grabbin’. In fact we welcome you to stop by and see the show for a much deeper appreciation on this matter. However, in the end it is a plea from us to you to keep your hands off our cuntry.

Thank you,
Mike Cockrill, Lapis Danado, Annique Delphine, Courtney Frances Fallon, Adam Handler, Jones the Savage, Morgan Jesse Lappin, Joanne Leah, Nikki Peck, John Phelan, Alexandra Rubinstein, Savannah Spirit, Undercurrent Projects and all people who believe in women's rights.

Thank You, Obama, by Alexandra Rubinstein, oil on panel, 2016

Courtney Frances Fallon was born in Buffalo in 1984. She has been passionate about writing since childhood. Primarily a writer - essayist, playwright, etc. - CFF is frequently inspired to create visual art (complimentary and tangential) while researching and preparing her written work. Performance is another offshoot of CFF's work as a writer. Although she has experience with traditional acting, her background is primarily based in choral and instrumental music plus cheerleading, which trained her in the art of humiliation/self-deprecation. (Don't believe what movies and TV tell you - everyone hates cheerleaders.) She has spent the last ten years devoted to traveling, both domestically and abroad, with time spent living in Ecuador, Turkey, and Poland. 

CFF recently rooted herself to New York City to establish herself within a thriving artistic community and focus on writing, performing, directing and producing. She'll also continue to create and collaborate on visual art, in conjunction with and independently of her written work.

Courtney was inspired to create Vagina Postcards while writing You Know This Girl, an examination of contemporary American culture (circa 2009) via character study. The main character, Courtney, is a young woman devoid of depth, engrossed in her appearance and cultivating her personality.

Throughout the piece Courtney's character demonstrates her confusion between sexual liberation and self-exploitation. Touching upon this motif, and addressing trends like plastic surgery consumerism as well as body dysmorphia, her character strips nude and discusses a consultation with a plastic surgeon with great exultation.

In order to research this scene and prepare for the performance, Courtney went to a plastic surgeon while in character and received a real, pre-surgery consult. Interested in discussing the concept of vaginoplasty, also known as vaginal restoration surgery, she removed all of her pubic hair in order to allow the doctor to appraise her vagina. She doesn't typically go bald below the belly button and removing all of her pubic hair for this experiment revealed a deep resentment for the politics of pubic hair

Painting and photography: Katharine T. Jacobs
Vagina: Courtney Frances Fallon

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