Hands Off My Cuntry

Undercurrent Projects, NYC, Jan 11-22, 2017

Dear Trump,

We are a group of artists concerned you and your administration will be dismantling some important laws when you take office on the 20th, especially a 43 year old one called Roe vs Wade. As you know, this law protects the welfare of women. It ensures the safety of women when they need help the most. Being a father of women we hope you understand the importance of keeping this law on the books when you take office and in the next 4 years. The last thing American women need is to fall behind in healthcare with no place to go for help. Defunding Planned Parenthood is not the answer. The last thing American women need is to go back in time to the back alley abortion and possibly die from not having proper care. The last thing we need is America to take a big step back. Going forward is the only way. In all honesty, we sympathize with your need for “pussy grabbin’ and we are sure you would enjoy this show since it involves a lot of pussy and grabbin’. In fact we welcome you to stop by and see the show for a much deeper appreciation on this matter. However, in the end it is a plea from us to you to keep your hands off our cuntry.

Thank you,
Mike Cockrill, Lapis Danado, Annique Delphine, Courtney Frances Fallon, Adam Handler, Jones the Savage, Morgan Jesse Lappin, Joanne Leah, Nikki Peck, John Phelan, Alexandra Rubinstein, Savannah Spirit, Undercurrent Projects and all people who believe in women's rights.

Thank You, Obama, by Alexandra Rubinstein, oil on panel, 2016

Savannah Spirit is pleased to exhibit her work in the 3rd installment of Hotter Than July as well as being the curator of the show. Born in Los Angeles her childhood is forever encapsulated in scrapbooks her mom used to put together. Photography was inevitable for 7 year old Savannah. That's the age she remembers taking her first picture. Savannah's visual style can be attributed to growing up on film and television in the 70's and 80's; Eating up pop culture like it was candy. Her photographs remind you of their own place in time, stills from a film, like deja vu. Since 2014, Savannah has been working on a collection of self-portraits with a wink to the playboy pin-up and a nod to female empowerment. Savannah blends wit and humor while exploring themes of body politics, feminism, censorship, the male gaze and the female archetype. As an activist, Savannah has dedicated her time to photographing important civil rights issues starting with Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, People's Climate March, March Against Monsanto, NYC's rally for Bernie Sanders and the Anti-Trump protests. Her image, "Claim Power" was recently published in The Abolitionist, a free paper by non-profit activist group, Critical Resistance distributed to incarcerated inmates throughout state prisons. As a curator Savannah has mounted art exhibitions throughout NYC and Brooklyn including the infamous erotic art show, Hotter Than July.  Savannah has lectured about her work at various Apple locations around NYC and she's been published in Huffington Post, The Nation, City Journal, Artists & Poets and THE magazine. Her work is in private collections with a permanent piece in Tom Ford's Houston, TX flagship store.

Her series "My Body, My Choice" is a direct call-out heard at protests for women's rights at the anti-Trump rallies. Inspired by this call to action and personally attacked by the people who want to take away Roe vs Wade and other little rights women have, Savannah made this work to reflect the elegant yet strong female body. Why do the entitled feel they need to control women's bodies? Why do they feel that an unborn child's life is more valuable than the mother's? Why are parts of the female body considered "unsafe" for the internet? Why are we still talking about these issues in 2017? In her ongoing battle with censorship on social media, Savannah is constantly "punished" by facebook and instagram by removing her voice online. For this reason she refuses to cover up body parts in protest.

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